PBA-Zoo Re-Sequencing Center

Welcome to the BMBF funded PBA-Zoo Re-Sequencing Center

DNA-sequence-based typing tools offer several keen advantages over DNA-banding pattern methods
as well as phenotypical methods, as they are unambiguous ('ACGT'), produce 'data for eternity', are of
additive character, are simply portable between laboratories, and can easily be accessed through web-
linked applications, thus offering the possibility to be globally available. In addition, due to their
unambiguous character, an international nomenclature can be applied.

Therefore, the BMBF funds as part of the cross-sectional activity PBA-Zoo (Phylogeny, Bioinformatics
and Amplicon Re-Sequencing of Zoonotic Pathogens) the establishment of a service for high-
throughput DNA sequence generation (multi-capillary machine and specimen handling robot) of
amplicons and data analysis that is offered to all BMBF zoonosis networks (BMBF Amplicon
Re-Sequencing Center at the University Hospital M√ľnster).

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